“Hi, My name is Tim and I’m your Uber driver.”

My riders hear those words from their my phone. I’m a rideshare driver. That’s my current paying gig. It’s not a career, but it’s a way to serve people and earn a living while making room in my life for my calling and my passion. I’m a writer.

Ubering, or driving for the rideshare companies, is what I do to make room for writing. The hours are flexible, the commitment is what I want to make it. I can take time for a conference, or to meet a deadline without throwing my life into a tailspin.

I’m Ubering publishes my favorite stories behind the wheel. I could call these posts “snapshots on life” but a snapshot is a single slice of time, a tenth of a second captured on film. I spend five to twelve minutes with my riders, so “snapshot” really doesn’t fit. My perspective is more than a snapshot. It’s more like a caricature, you know, like ones drawn by a sidewalk artist at a local, summer amusement park. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I’m Ubering – Portraits on Life, in Twelve Minutes or Less.