In the back of my Uber ride, I have a small candy jar. I got the idea from another Uber driver on YouTube, and I am amazed by how popular I am as a result.

“Oh, Candy.”

“Airheads, can I have one?”

The candy jar is a cool icebreaker, and makes my riders feel a bit more at ease.

I picked up two twenty-somethings from a home in the expensive end of town a couple weeks ago. Middle of the morning, these guys had neither school nor work on their minds. They’d spent the morning playing video games while texting girlfriends and smoking a little reefer. They didn’t smell like weed, but they talked about their morning, and their plans to meet up with the girls across town to continue the party.

“Oh, Airheads. I love Airheads.”

“Help yourself. That’s why they’re there.”

From the wrapper rattling, I could tell they wanted more than one. Three miles later, I’m still hearing the wrappers rustle in between their crude comments about their girlfriends, and whom they anticipated at their ride’s endpoint.

Seven miles later, I hit the End Ride button, and wished them a great day. Leaning into the backseat, I wanted to see how much candy was left for the rest of the day. The jar was empty, and I was frustrated. I’d filled it earlier that morning.

First Ubering lesson: Hide the candy jar when driving pot heads.