Jenni was 22 and dressed for a night at the BOB, where she told me she was meeting friends. “I don’t know how I’ll do. I’m still buzzed from last night. But it’s Carly’s 21st birthday and we’re going to have bottle service at Eve.” Eve is Grand Rapids’ only, or maybe most successful, dance club. The all night party arrives on the fourth floor of the Big Old Building, the B.O.B., at the city’s entertainment and restaurant epicenter every weekend.

“Bottle service. What’s that?”

“Eve doesn’t have any tables and chairs like the other floors. Around the walls are . . . kinda like booths, with tables you can stand at. I’m meeting a bunch of friends for Carly’s birthday. Bottle service is when you order a bottle of liquor from downstairs. They bring the whole bottle and glasses for 4 or 5 people, and that’s . . . “ Jenni paused to let her foggy brain to catch up with her words.

“Oh, Bottle service. I get it.”

“Yeah. The bottle costs $250, maybe $350 for the whole thing. Depends on what we get. Me and my friends will have a table, and Carly invited around fifteen of us, so we’ll get 3, maybe 4 tables. We’ll drop a thousand dollars. It’s going be a great night. I’m still kinda buzzed from yesterday, but I did this when I turned 21 last year, and tonight’s Carly’s birthday, so we’re going to party.”

Twenty-something status, where does status come from? An exclusive club? A thousand dollars on drinks? A twenty-first birthday w/ your friends and a night you may not remember? I don’t know. There are a hundred, judgemental or self-righteous sounding things I could say.

I still can’t wrap my head around spending $1000.00 on booze.