I love stories, and most of my passengers, at least the ones who want to converse, ask for my favorite stories. Sometimes the most memorable takeaway from the night isn’t a story. It’s a moment. Like the few seconds the sun peeks out from a cloudy sky, and paints the horizon in a rainbow of yellows and reds before it hops out of the sky, an Ubering moment makes the night worth while.

Ubering through life is an Irish stew of wonderful, miserable, poignant and now and then funny memories. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Why does the young man next to me smell like moth balls?
  2. Why does the guy in the back seat smell like he needs to be hosed down with Febreeze? Ten minutes after he left my car, his stink remained, haunting my SUV like a green Halloween goblin.
  3. I’m sorry Tracy. After five or six Bacardi and Sprites from three different taverns, I don’t know what you just said.
  4. After seven years traveling the country, looking for love to flourish with women she met on the internet, Courtney asked, “What are your dreams . . . if you still have them?”